Action Alert


From Julie Schmit-Albin

Nebraska Right to Life

ACTION NEEDED: MARCH 10th through early APRIL:
LB 602, a bill to ban both reproductive and research cloning, was introduced by Sen. Adrian Smith of Gering.  The bill was heard in Judiciary Committee on Feb. 20th and this past week was PRIORITZED by Sen. Arnie Stuthman of Columbus.  Controversial bills which are prioritized will be the only ones to receive floor debate this session. 
A vote on LB 602, as well as other research bans, LB 512 (fetal tissue) and LB 566 (embryonic stem cell) should take place in the Judiciary Committee in the next few weeks.  We need these bills to be voted OUT of committee; and most particularly, for LB 602 to come out as it stands the best chance of being debated and voted on by the entire body. 
ACTION NEEDED FOR THOSE WHO HAVE STATE SENATORS ON JUDICIARY COMMITTEE:   If your state senator is a member of the Judiciary Committee, please write him a brief note immediately and send it. 
SUGGESTED MESSAGE: (Feel free to put into your own words)  Please vote LB 602 and the other research bans (LB 512 and LB 566) out of Judiciary Committee and to the floor for debate.  I especially would like to see a ban on cloning pass this year.  Thank you. 
Dist. #4: Senator Kermit Brashear, Chairman
Dist. #39: Senator Dwite Pedersen, Vice-Chair
Dist. #29: Senator Mike Foley
Dist. #18: Senator Mick Mines
Dist. #3:  Senator Ray Mossey
Dist. #31: Senator Mark Quandahl
Dist. #19: Senator Gene Tyson
The mailing address is: Senator_______,
Dist. #___, State Capitol
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, Ne.  68509-4604
Write a note thanking Senator Adrian Smith (Dist. #48) for introducing LB 602 (the cloning ban) and Senator Arnie Stuthman (Dist. #22)  for prioritizing LB 602.  You do not have to live in their districts to thank them.  Use the P.O. Box mailing address above to write to them.   

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