Teens for Life

You have the choice. We are the new generation of Americans. If we choose to commit ourselves to changing the attitude of our nation as well as the laws that govern it, the effects of our work will be felt for generations to come. We can turn the tide and instill in America, as well as the world, a basic respect for human life.

Nebraska Teens for Life is taking on the challenge of making our generation 100% pro-life. We are doing this by educating our peers on the life of the unborn. Teens educating teens. We are playing a role in the political arena and developing a positive relationship with the media. NTL members can speak at schools or other youth meetings. They can work on campaigns or lead their own school group. They volunteer to help out in the local adult pro-life events. Everyone has something to contribute.

Nebraska Teens for Life was founded by a handful of teens who refused to sit idly by while over a quarter of their generation was killed. NTL has became an organization bringing together pro-life teens from around the state to make a unified stand for life. 

Nebraska has many Teens for Life groups. The primary goal is to educate peers to the marvels of fetal development and the horror of abortion. Facts and information are effective tools in instilling genuine respect for life.

Teens can make a difference at their high school:

  • Locate pro-life pregnancy services in you area. Know their names and numbers and help post in high visibility areas at their high school or counselor's office.

  • Work with the handicapped and the poor. Pro-lifers have compassion for people who are already born and promote positive pro-life solutions to the problems our world faces.

  • Organize drives to collect baby items, groceries, money for Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

  • Attend the Walk for Life every January in Lincoln.

  • Write opinion to the editor of the school paper.

  • Join a political party - young Democrats or Republicans.

  • Encourage high school seniors to register to vote.

  • Check to see what books and information your school has on abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and other life topics. 

  • Encourage your church to provide pro-life pamphlets, invite speakers and film programs for your youth groups.

  • Contact Nebraska Right to Life for a list of pro-life agencies that do free pregnancy testing and provide speakers.

Oratory Contest

Sponsored by the Nebraska Right to Life Educational Trust Fund and implemented throughout the state. The Nebraska Right to Life Oratory Contest is a vitally important forum to involve high school teens in the right to life movement. Often, no one, including parents, is as influential in determining whether a young woman has an abortion as are her peers. In recognition of that essential role, each year teens from around the state are given a wonderful opportunity to come together to make their case for defending vulnerable life. 

Open to high school juniors and seniors, the Oratory Contest gives young people a chance to research, write and present a five to seven minute pro-life speech on abortion, infanticide or euthanasia. Individual Nebraska Right to Life Chapters conduct regional contests with local winners coming together to compete at the state level. The winner of the state contest will then move on to the National Right to Life Oratory Contest at the annual NRLC Convention. The winner in turn presents his or her speech at the closing banquet.

Why is this involvement important for young people? In preparing their speeches, contestants learn the imperative of protecting vulnerable life, whether in the womb, the neonatal intensive care unit, or in a nursing home. Not only does the knowledge these young people acquire form the basis for working with their peers. It also solves as a foundation for lifelong involvement in the pro-life movement.

The Oratory Contest is a unique opportunity to reach hundreds of young people, whos participation will be key to establish a network to educate their peers. Teens are the next generation in the pro-life movement.

To join a group in your area,
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