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  Summer 2000

Where Do Presidential Candidates
George W. Bush & Al Gore Stand On The Abortion Issue?

George W. Bush Al Gore

Partial Birth Abortion:
Bush opposes partial-birth abortions. He wants to stop the practice of killing partially delivered babies- many of whom would survive if they were not deliberately killed.

Partial Birth Abortion:
Gore supports the partial-birth abortion procedure. He opposes efforts to stop the practice of killing partially delivered babies-many of whom would survive if they were not deliberately killed.
Human Life Amendment:
Bush supports a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decisions which legalized abortion through 9) months of pregnancy.
Human Life Amendment:
Gore opposes Human Life Amendment to restore legal protection to the unborn child.
Federal Funding of Abortion:
Bush opposes using your tax dollars to pay for abortions.
Federal Funding of Abortion:
Gore supports using your tax dollars for abortions.
Record on Abortion/Life Issues
as Gov. of Texas:

Bush supported and signed a parental notice law in Texas requiring that parents be notified before their minor child could undergo an abortion.
Record on Abortion/Life Issues as a U.S. Senator:
Gore voted 30 out of 32 times with the pro abortion side during his 8 years in the U.S. Senate.
Appointment of Justices to the Supreme Court:
Bush will appoint Justices to the Supreme Court who will strictly interpret the Constitution according to its text and history and not use the bench to legislate.
Appointment of Justices to the Supreme Court:
 "...(R)est assured that a Supreme Court majority appointed in a Gore Administration would support a women's right to choose. "" Gore, appearing on ABC's This Week, Oct. 13, 1999

Nebraska Right to Life PAC Endorsements

Nebraska Right to Life Political Action Committee (NRL PAC) has endorsed the following Federal and State candidates for the 2000 General Election. Answers of the endorsed and non-endorsed candidates who returned the NRL PAC survey will be distributed with the literature drop of 95,000 NRL PAC voter guides prior to the election on November 7th. The literature drop involves placing the NRL PAC voter guides on car windshields in church parking lots the weekend prior to Election Day. If you would like to distribute NRL PAC voter guides in your community, please contact us at: Nebraska Right to Life, 3341 Pioneers Blvd., #4, Lincoln, Ne. 68506 or call at 402-489-4802.


George W. Bush

U.S. Senate
Republican-Don Stenberg 
Democrat -Ben Nelson

U.S. Congress
Dist. #1 Democrat -Alan Jacobsen
Dist. #2 Republican -Lee Terry
Dist. #3 Republican -Tom Osborne
Dist. #3 Libertarian -Jerry Hickman

State Legislature
Dist. #1 Floyd Vrtiska
Dist. #3 Jon Bruning
Dist. #5 Jon Preister
Dist. #7 John Hilgert
Dist. #9 Scott Knudsen
Dist. #17 Pat Engel
Dist. #18 Bob Dickey
Dist. #19 Gene Tyson
Dist, #21 Carol Hudkins
Dist. #27 Paul Edwards
Dist, #29 Mike Foley
Dist. #31 Mark Quandahl
Dist. #33 Carroll Burling
Dist, #35 Ray Aguilar
Dist. #39 Dwite Pedersen
Dist, #41 Errol Wells
Dist. #43 Jim Jones
Dist. #45 Paul Hartnett
Dist. #47 Philip Erdman

State Board of Regents
Dist. # 3 Jeff Johnson
Dist. #4 John Breslow
Dist. #5 Robert Prokop

State Board of Education
Dist. #1 Kirnberly Peterson
Dist. #4 Rachel Bone & John T. Davis


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